The ticket lottery opens on September 21. Each lottery selectee will be emailed a code allowing them to purchase up to two tickets. A $5 discount will be given to current USU students with an active student ID. Students will need to provide their ID when purchasing their ticket.

Ticket lottery

For TEDxUSU 2016, tickets will be made available through a lottery process.

Why a lottery?

The lottery streamlines and simplifies the ticket purchasing process. It will remove the crush for tickets the day they become available as well as ensuring that you have a fair chance at getting tickets. Also, by moving entirely online, no one needs to set an alarm so they can wake up early and stand in line at the box office.  Ultimately, the lottery provides seats for many of those who want to attend without raising prices, sacrificing our ability to reach a global audience with high-quality recordings and frustrating those who wait in line at the Box Office.

Why not move to a larger venue?

TEDx was brought to USU to showcase our faculty, researchers, students and community on a global stage. Capturing the best recordings possible allows us to share USU’s ideas with both the community and the world. Thus far, TEDxUSU videos have been viewed over 300,000 times in the past four years.

The TEDx team consulted with media production specialists, performance production specialists, the parent TEDx organization in New York and our producers. Together we determined that the best venue on campus for recording TEDxUSU is the Caine Performance Hall.

The 400-seat Caine Performance Hall holds about as many TEDxers as the venues for a TED event (in some cases, it holds a lot more). This hall is advantageous for several reasons. Due to its design as a performance hall it has incredible acoustics and some of the best technology available on campus for recording sound. Additionally, the intimately sized audience supports our presenters who have mastered the art of addressing similarly sized audiences.

Why are we charging?

As the TEDx team discussed our growing program, it became apparent that in order to continue providing a top-quality program we need to cover a small amount of our overhead. The money we expect to collect from the sale of tickets covers a small fraction of the cost of TEDxUSU—we don’t make a profit by any means—but it helps with things like refreshments, swag and travel cost for speakers. We are confident enough in the stellar-ness of our curated content to put our program up there with other top TEDx events and other conferences across the country.

Caine Performance Hall

TEDxUSU 2016 will take place during the afternoon of October 28, 2016 in the Manon Caine Russell Kathryn Caine Wanlass Performance Hall, as well as the Kent Concert Hall Atrium on Utah State University’s Logan, Utah campus.


11:00 AM     Doors open

12:00 PM     Session One begins in the Performance Hall

1:25 PM     Session One concludes

1:30 PM     Intermission/Lunch

2:00 PM    Session Two beings in the Performance Hall

3:30 PM     Conclusion of TEDxUSU


The use of social media is strongly encouraged before, during and after TEDxUSU. This isn’t a movie theater—no one will shame you, kick you out or toss a bucket of popcorn in your face for being on your iPhone. In fact, the ultimate success of a presentation depends on those in the audience sharing what they learned, disagreed with, loved or hated. The purpose of TEDxUSU is to spark conversations worth having.

The TEDx team has decided to use #TEDxUSU as our event hashtag this year. It’s simple and short, and we hope enough of our audience share their thoughts that we can see the #TEDxUSU topic trending in the area.

If you use social media on any kind of regular basis, you understand the power an open marketplace of ideas can have in cultivating brilliance and innovation from unlikely sources. Hashtags, trending topics and analytics are all just tools to get the greatest ideas to where they will have the most impact. We like Twitter the most for this purpose because it most easily allows users to 1) track trending topics, especially local ones, and 2) participate equally in conversations, all in a relatively no-frills fashion.

If you don’t have a Twitter, we recommend you sign up for one, and learn how to use it leading up to TEDxUSU so you can be an idea-spreading ninja the day of the conference. If you don’t want a Twitter, we still love you, but please—use any media at your disposal to share all the rad ideas you are going to hear: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Klout, Snapchat, email, newspaper editorials, rotary phone, telegram, horse-drawn carriage, etc.

Soon after the event, we post videos from every talk and performance to our YouTube channel. Share your favorite videos with friends, families, coworkers and acquaintances.

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