Project Description

A journey behind the seams

The Talk

The opportunity to be creative has a transformative role in preparing students for future careers and life experiences. Join professor Lindsey Shirley on a journey behind the seams to see firsthand how family and consumer sciences education can maximize human potential and expand an individual’s ability to be creative. The path to creativity will be explored through the lens of a basic human need—clothing.

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About Lindsey

Lindsey Shirley, an associate professor of family and consumer sciences (FCS) education at Utah State University, has shared innovations in FCS content in teaching and learning that have been implemented into secondary and post-secondary classrooms around the world. Since arriving at USU in 2008, she has served as the instructor for a general education course that explores the links between design and sustainability and how clothing is often used to raise awareness about social issues. In teams or as individuals, her students design and create clothing that is featured during a university-wide fashion show. This experience has empowered students to confidently share their creations with a large audience while collecting canned food for the Student Nutrition Access Center. Since 2009, over 8000 individuals have attended the event. Shirley’s work can be found in a published book, peer-reviewed journal articles, and has been showcased in an online talk presented by Zappos and The Stitch Factory. Lindsey is a graduate of the Iowa State University Family and Consumer Science Education Leadership Academy.