Project Description

Taking chances to reach students

The Talk

Teachers around the world are looking for new ways to engage students in classroom learning. From her unique perspective as a biology education major and theatre education minor, USU undergraduate Nicole Martineau describes her efforts to use drama-based teaching strategies in a high school biology classes to engage students, improve their attitudes toward science, and increase their factual recall. Incorporating the arts into math, science, and technology classrooms has its challenges, but also has great potential as a teaching tool that can bring greater depth and understanding to students.


About Nicole

Nicole Martineau is an education undergrad at USU, majoring in biology education and minoring in theatre education. Her passions for science, teaching, and drama have taken her from researching nanoparticles and bacterial metabolism at USU, teaching biotechnology in Seattle, acting on community theatre stages, and initiating her own research on the potential for drama-based pedagogy in secondary science classrooms. She hopes to inspire other teachers to try new things in their classrooms, and to create more dialogue about what works—and what doesn’t—for students in science classrooms.