TEDxUSU 2016 – Lift

Kenneth Quinn

Roads and rice: how innovation and infr [...]

Sean Reyes

The reality of human trafficking [...]

Abdulkafi Albirini

How different are we from those we hate [...]

Clair Canfield

The beauty of conflict The Talk [...]

Debra Jenson

The comic universe belongs to everyone [...]

Amy Moser

Untold stories of rocks, after parties, [...]

Megan Simper

About Megan Megan Simpe [...]

Merideth Thompson

3 surprising myths about the benefits o [...]

Elizabeth Vargis

Building muscles and mentors The [...]

Joseph Wilson

Save the bees! Wait, was that a bee? [...]

Jeannie Woller

How I lost my identity but found my wor [...]

TEDxUSU 2015 – Duality

Luciana Borio

You may hold the cure for the next epidemic

Michael Bingham

How art unlocks students' diverse abilities

Mark Damen

The Indo-European Dual

Johan du Toit

An idea for humanity, from a considerate elephant

Beth Fauth

Finding joy in an Alzheimer's reality

Rob Gillies & Rob Davies

Another #$@%! climate talk

Vonda Jump

Dear Bianca: Use your heart to build your baby's brain

Salif Mahamane

ADHD sucks, but not really

Lynne McNeill

Folklore doesn't meme what you think it memes

Brady Parks

The National Parks

TEDxUSU 2014 – Friction

Orson Scott Card


Creative education -- how to keep the spark alive in children and adults

Noelle Pikus Pace


The color of a medal

David Brown


No more M in STEM

Jim Davis


Building trust

Deborah Fields


Tween activism in a virtual world

Evelyn Funda


Farming is the new sexy

Dennise Gackstetter


Body, breath, release

Jenna Glover


Do you live an energy efficient life?

Matthew LaPlante


Why Superman must die so Clark Kent may live

Nicole Martineau


Taking chances to to reach students

Jason Quinn


If your tires could talk

Jarod Raithel


To hold infinity in the palm of your hand

Lindsey Shirley


A journey behind the seams

TEDxUSU 2013 – Survive

Norman Augustine


Survival of the American dream

Angelo Merendino


Photo > 1000 words

Bruce Bugbee


Turning water into food

Mike Christiansen


Listen to the technology

John Dehlin


The ally within

Joanna Endter-Wada


Water needs and wants

Nancy Hills


Make do and mend

David Rosenberg


Near-optimal to survive and thrive

TEDxUSU 2012 – Our Inaugural Event

Jim Butcher


Creating positive change

Fry Street Quartet


Op. 12 by Zoltan Kodaly III. vivo

Ronda Callister


Reducing the barriers to the contribution of women

Christopher Gauthier


Evidence and artifacts: facing autism

Doug Lemon


Seeing the universe with new eyes, discoveries from the WISE telescope

Karl White


Establishing a sound foundation for children who are deaf or hard of hearing