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It is an obvious fact that education is one of the components of the social class that has both the direct and indirect impact on the social class. It is undeniable that individuals who are coming from higher social classes are more likely to have higher education compared with low-income earners. This is supported by the fact that the people from higher social class are capable of funding their education in prestigious universities and other top-notch learning institutions. With higher education, the probability of them landing higher paying jobs are very high, and the social class continues. It is a fact that growing in poverty tends to put children behind regarding academics and education. The social class in education is not only happening in the US but across the globe. It is a reality which faces the 21st century and must be handled head on as this gives students from well off families advantage over students from low-income families. The social class in education mostly happen regarding resources where by some schools mostly private schools are well equipped essay outline with enough resources, enough teachers among other amenities which gives the students who are attending these schools advantage over those attending public schools. Countries like US and Japan have compulsory education years which in most cases are taking place in public schools. There are inadequate resources regarding school books, student to teacher’s ratio among other issues in public schools. This can further affect the performance of poor students which will further widen the gap. While the relationship between the educational system and social class has been of the most fundamental issues in the sociology of education, the changes within the sociology itself have seen many sociologists of education move away from the categorical analysis towards discourse and identity theory in recent past. In the United States, the social class is no longer a concern among educator or even the sociologist where they are more gender than class. The study of social class in education currently is more common in the developing countries than developed countries. This is not to say that this vice does not exist in the developed countries, it exists but at a bare minimum level. Most sociologists have turned their attention to gender disparity in education as opposed to the social class disparity in education. This has been brought about by the fact that government provides free basic education to all. The problem which still brings the social class is the issue of the resources. There are some courses like medicine which are highly demanding and require resources. Therefore, without government subsidies, poor people may not be able to afford such courses living the poorest class with simple technical courses and profession. The social class and education are real and happening. Sociological understandings of educational process have been more critical and allow people to see that in a deeply unequal society neither raising aspiration nor focusing on social mobility are answers to the vast inequality which exists in the education system.